Affordable Laminated Flooring for Sale

We stock the following laminated flooring starting from R105pm2 vat inclusive. Here are the the type of floor with price per square meter: -Sylvan AC3 Class 31 8.3mm floor for Rios -Kronopol Delta AC3 Class 31 8 mm floor for R135 -Steinhaus AC4 Class 32 Bmm floor for R135 -Platinium Range All AC4 Class 32 Exclusive R170 Luna R180 Venus R180 -Route des Vens AC5 Class33 R305 Vynil clue down planks Steinhaus Luxury Vynil Range R155 pm2. ACCESORIES Underlay for R15 pm2 Skirtings for R110 for 2.4meter T Expansion R125 for 2.4 meter Endcap for R125 for 2.4 meter Quad for R85 for 2.4 meter. Collect or delivery can be arranged Marius 0732596751