Venetian Blinds

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are versatile and suitable for every room in the house. They are a practical solution for homes and offices, for that desired elegant, modern-looking solution to light control in your environment.We offer an extensive range of aluminium venetian blinds in 16mm, 25mm,35mm & 50mm slat withs with colour-coordinated cords, ladders, headrail, bottomrail and valance in 50mm range as standerd.Venetians are discreet, smart and a extremely efficient and easy to use blinds.

Laminated Wooden Venetians Blinds

These blinds are created from the finest quality basswood, these real wooden products give an elegant, beautiful, timeless look that is cheaper than real Basswood.Laminated wood, availible in 50mm slat width, is a true basswood product covered with a heat-sealed layer giving it its unique effect.For weather protection the product is coated with three layers of UV resistant varnish.

Wooden Venetians Blinds

Made from Basswood these blinds bring the outdoors in beautifully! Basswood venetians are availible in 25mm & 50mm slat withs which are availible in natural colour as well as in various stains.These blinds come with a smart valance and wooden controls.The blinds are UV protected.For an elegant, timeless and probably the most beautiful window covering the Wooden Basswood blind is a must!

PVC : Plaswood, Styro, Modwood Venetian Blinds

PVC Blinds is an artificial material in 50mm slat width and a cheaper substitute for wood.Perfect for use in areas of high heat and dampness Available in a wide range of colours and grains.The blind comes standard with valance and ladder string, but can be customized and colour coded with ladder tape.PVC blinds are becoming ever more popular due to the their large range of colours and application.

Bamboo Venetian Blinds

Bamboo Venetian Blinds are extremely durable and can be used as an alternative to PVC Blinds in humid and high heat areas.These blinds bring a relaxed back to nature feel into your home.Bamboo Venetians is lighter than than the traditional Basswood Blinds or PVC Blinds and therefore much easier to manage and operate.Most of the bamboo grow in South China,where there is a lot of rain.Bamboo will grow to harvestable size in about four years. This makes it a very desirable eco – friendly product.

Aluwood : wood look alike Venetian Blinds

These Blinds come in slats widths of 25mm& 50mm.It is a cheaper option than real wood products, but give the same wood look feel to your home or office.The blinds come with a valance and wood trimmings to enhance the wooden look of the blind. Available in wide range colours and grains.

Perforated Venetian Blinds

Perforated Blinds come in 25mm & 50mm slat widths.These blinds are punched with tiny wholes to give that soft light feel in your room.It is see through blind that allow privacy with a view . Comes in a variety of colours.

Venetian Samples

Venetian Samples

Venetian Samples